Business Accounting & Office Skills [BAOS]


The admin & accounts executives in mid-sized companies are literally the wheels on which the company runs and operates on a daily basis. The BAOS Certificate program empowers trainees to competently and confidently handle their tasks and become an asset to their organization.

Course Highlights
  • The curriculum is not restricted to just the basics of accounting but covers areas of taxation, GST, personal finance and the like. Therefore, it is also ideal for entrepreneurs who want to be more hands-on with their business or professionals who wish to upskill.
  • This course is even open to students who have no prior knowledge of accounting.
  • From the basics of accounting, the program gradually lays a strong theoretical foundation for the subject.
  • Through simulations, trainees are exposed to real time application in an office environment and also become familiar with all the relevant software tools.
  • Subjects like Communication skills, Personal effectiveness and Wellness empowers students further through holistic all-round development.
Accounting Income Tax
GST Tally
MS Office Communication Skills
Personal Effectiveness Health & Wellness
Short Courses

The following subjects are also offered as separate
stand-alone short courses


Mr.Guha Prasath.S

MS Office

Ms.Meenakshi Sabhapathy

M.Com.,B.Ed., M.Phil

Mr.Navaneetha Krishnan

M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed
MS Office

Mr.Prasan Kumar.T

Income tax

Ms. Roopika Sood

Education Consultant
Communication Skills

Ms. Ganga Chandrasekaran

Communication Skills

Mr.Vinoth Kothari

 B.Com., CA
Tally & GST

Ms.Akshaya Lakshmi SBG

Health & Wellness

Ms.Hamsavani Raman

Corporate Trainer
Personal Effectiveness