The Communication course covers Business English, Soft skill training and Analytical and Reasoning Skills. It explores scenarios that students would encounter in their professional lives and the relevant communication skills required to handle the same effectively. Students will also be taught to work more effectively in teams, whether in external meetings and negotiations or through internal communication channels.

Course Highlights
  • Enables students to absorb cues and contexts in formal scenarios and to feel more confident while expressing themselves.
  • They will learn to make engaging presentations and interact with flair and fluency.
  • With a large emphasis on soft skills training, this course aims at¬†building analytical skills and to form opinions based on assimilation of several inputs during group discussions, meetings and interviews.
  • The course begins with language basics and business correspondence skills, thereafter gradually moving towards business documentation and industry specific reports.
Course Curriculum
Communication basics Initiation into a new role
Business Correspondence – Reading and writing Communication within an organization
Business Correspondence – Listening and speaking Cross Cultural Communications
Business Literature.

Note: This module is a part of the BAOS course. Click here to view full list of Faculty