This course equips job aspirants and entrepreneurs with valuable practical knowledge of income tax that will be useful on a daily basis. It covers Income Tax Act 1961 with emphasis on five heads of Income, Income Tax Computation and Tax Deduction at Source (TDS). The course will help jumpstart one's career and also keep them well informed while making business decisions.

Course Highlights
  • Introduction to nomenclatures / terms commonly used in direct tax statutes
  • Understanding the tax slabs for different types of assessees and the heads of income stipulated under the Act.
  • Computing taxable income under the heads of Salaries, Income from House Property, Profit or Gains from Business or Profession, Capital Gains and Income from Other Sources.
  • A variety of practical problems are solved in the classroom to gain indepth understanding of the concepts.
  • TDS aspects with respect to salaries, contractors, rent, professional / technical services and interest is covered extensively.
  • Deduction of Taxes, Remittance of Deducted amount and Filing of TDS is covered through extensive and varied real-life situations.
  • Restrictions with respect to cash transactions and response to tax notices are also addressed.
Course Curriculum
Identify TDS liability Tax audit knowledge
Payment deadlines Understanding of Form 3CD checklist
Quarterly TDS return Personal income tax [Online filing]

Note: This module is a part of the BAOS course. Click here to view full list of Faculty