MS Office


This Microsoft Office 2019 training course helps students to effectively utilize all the features of Microsoft Office to their advantage and improve their work efficiency and that of the organization.

The MS Office 2019 suite of applications offer flexible and powerful ways to organize, manage, and present information. As it is universally used in office settings, knowledge of Microsoft Office tools is a must for anyone in today's job market.

Course Highlights
  • The course covers both essential and advanced MS Office skills in Excel,
    Word and Powerpoint.
  • Classes are designed to engage students in real life situations so they can
    effectively apply their newly learnt skills to everyday situations
  • Students are taught time-saving tips and tricks that will help them get their
    work done quickly and efficiently.
  •    Both Basic and Advanced modules are being taught 
Course Curriculum
Excel 2019
  • Essentials of using formulas and functions
  • Creating stunning charts and graphs
  • Practical methods to sort and filter data
PowerPoint 2019
  • Explore new features in including Icons and 3D Models
  • Use shapes, graphics and pictures to add ‘zing’ to a presentation
  • Add charts, graphs and tables to present information in a non-text format
  • Use animations, audio and video to wow the audience
  • Practical tips while making a presentation to an audience
Microsoft Word 2019
  • Master the most common uses of MS Word 2019
  • Explore tools to create columns, indents, footers, borders and watermarks.
  • Learn the correct technique to print envelopes and labels
  • Insert professional-looking pictures, graphics and tables to make a document look interesting
  • Learn to protect a Word document from changes