Nursery Teacher Training [NTT] program


The Nursery Teacher Training program was crafted by highly experienced & talented in-house faculty, backed by the Institution’s collective knowledge from decades of experience in shaping young minds during their formative years.

Course Highlights
  • The curriculum covers various aspects of phonics, physical development, nutrition & diet, safety & first aid measures, child’s needs & interest and cognitive development amongst others.
  • Practicing professionals are invited to speak on subjects like dyslexia, child psychology & child development.
  • From developing creativity to being a good story-teller, from language to art, from theoretical knowledge to practical experience, trainees are given extensive grounding in all aspects relevant to being an effective & inspirational nursery teacher.
  • The highlight of the course is undoubtedly the extent of ‘real-time’ exposure that is provided for trainees to hone their teaching abilities in the DAV classrooms.
PhoneticsPhysical DevelopmentNutrition & Diet
Safety & First Aid MeasuresChild’s needs & interestsCognitive Development

Smt. Bina

Programme Head