Parenting workshops


From early childhood to adolescence, the issues that parents and children face are vastly different during every state of development. Keeping our focus on these dynamic needs of parenting in a rapidly evolving environment in terms of social structures, family structures, togetherness, support systems, challenges, changing technologies and environments, Shikshanam has conceived a series of parenting workshops for parents.

Workshop Highlights
  • Each workshop addresses different sets of parents based on the age group of their children.
  • The workshop format includes presentations, discussions, activities and take-home models.
  • In addition to the parenting coach who will guide and run the programme, there will be guest speakers who have expertise in specific aspects of parenting.
  • Parents also get the opportunity to discuss and learn from each other

Please note: One-on-one counselling for students can be arranged if required.
Please contact us to book an appointment.